Order Management and Machine Dispatching App

Go-Work is a cloud based logistic management platform, featuring work order management for large fleets allowing you to connect with the scheduling (dispatching) office to improve machine utilization. Go-Work optimizes route planning and scheduling, notifies you via text about the workload, and enables you to maximize productivity and efficiency by cutting unnecessary transport time.


Go-Work works in conjunction with Agro-Link.

You can see all the connected machines as well as the fields that need to be applied.  You can then associate the machine with the fields to be applied for a given day. Once that is completed, you will be notified via text message and through the App about the workload.

Once you complete a job, you can get driving directions to your next field.

You also have the flexibility to interrupt a job if needed, make notes on the reasons and continue to your next available field.

You can make changes to the job orders.

The system will notify you of the changes and adapt your route accordingly.


Go-Work allows you to better manage your fleet and jobs based on the proximity of the field, product available and time of application. You can make changes to the original work load, based on weather conditions, need to serve a customer and available products. You can also synchronize the tendering of the product to the machine, for maximum efficiency.



Web Based dispatching (work order) management tool that connects all your machines in your fleet (regardless of the brand).


Built on the functionality of Agro-Link, once a work order is associated with a field that needs to be applied, the task file will be sent wirelessly (task data) to the designated machine.

Text Alerts

You will receive a text message with the description of the workload. Using the app, the operator will be provided with driving instructions from and between the fields.

Real-Time Updates

You can make changes to the original workload of an operator by adding, removing or changing the order of the jobs, based on customer needs.

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