Mixed fleet machine uptime optimizing telemetry tool

CONNECT is a state of the art remote telemetric service for real-time data monitoring of tractors accessible for everyone. The service provides up to 154 pieces of information for customers and service technicians in one easy-to-use interface.


Connect Telemetry

CONNECT e.g. provides a real-time access to information on where the tractor is located or how fueling should be scheduled.

Further, the system displays all the information gathered by the tractor’s sensors for other operational needs, such as providing required documentation to invoicing purposes.

CONNECT is the most accurate and responsive rate control system on the market.

Whether using field sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, planters or seed drills CONNECT prevents from any overlaps or gaps regardless of the field shape or size. Coupled with the respective ISOBUS implement all parameters are transmitted to the tractor terminal automatically.

CONNECT can also be used with mobile devices.

The CONNECT mobile app is available for iPhone or iPad from the AppStore or for Android devices from Google Play shop.


Efficient farming is significantly depending on machinery uptime. Knowing when machinery needs maintenance, upcoming service or having the capability to immediately identify unit malfunctions are crucial information for a smooth farm operation.


Increased Uptime

Speed up and facilitate machine maintenance

Reduced Malfunction Downtime

A large array of information is easily and quickly available to the service technicians, allowing the causes to malfunctions can be identified in seconds.

Mobile App

App collects various data providing information for example for work scheduling and invoicing purposes. When a fault occurs, information about the fault code will be sent directly to customer’s phone.


The first time telemetric data is available to tractor owners in such capacity at an affordable price.

Question and Answers

What reports are available in AgCommand?

The initial release of the new AgCommand or MVP will not include any of the traditional reports that we currently use in the current AgCommand.  We will offer a comprehensive vehicle health report as described in the Fuse Services deliverables.  Otherwise AgCommand will allow the user to view the data in a different format to make it easier to disseminate vital information. In this “AgCommand Customizable Living Report” the AgCommand user can adjust and view his CAN message data in different formats that will allow the user to quickly make decisions on machine health and maintenance.  Because most reports that are addressed in the original AgCommand address other agronomic data or optimization issues, these types of reports are not part of the initial release of the new AgCommand.  There is the possibility that there will be reports included for future generational releases of AgCommand.

Can we still export data from old AgCommand?

Yes, AgCommand still offers the user the option to download CAN/Location machine information into a CSV format, so they can upload that data into an FMIS for deeper customized analytical reports and maps. Not available on new AgCommand MVP release!

Can we transfer an AgCommand profile to the new AgCommand?

Initially we will not be able to transfer a Universal profile from current AgCommand to the new AgCommand. It will be added on a later date!

Will the current AgCommand data migrate in to the new the new AgCommand?

No, current customer data that lives on the current AgCommand server will not migrate or transfer to the new AgCommand server. When a customer switches from the current AgCommand to the new AgCommand, they will start with a blank slate of all machine information.

How long will the original AgCommand website stay active?

There is no plan to phase-out. Any changes will be communicated in advance to customers and dealers.

How do we transition customers from the current AgCommand to the new AgCommand?

The process is detailed on another document (Steps to move customer’s device from current AgCommand to the New AgCommand). The plan to transition customers from one system to another should be managed individually, based on customer’s needs (regional decision). The general recommendation is to keep customers data (when possible) on one system only!

What are the Hardware Requirements?

The new AgCommand will work with the current AM50/53’s in production and will work with the future Gateway telematics device

Will my current AgCommand subscription transfer?

When using an AM50/53 Yes.  There will not be a need to purchase a new data subscription when transitioning from current AgCommand to new AgCommand.  The customer is still using the same data plan. The difference is just where the data is being sent (old server or new server)

Will my current AgCommand subscription transfer to the new Gateway?

No, Gateway will require a new AgCommand subscription type.

What languages will be available?

We are planning to offer the new AgCommand in all countries and languages that the current AgCommand supported.  The initial MVP launch includes: English, French, Finish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Hindi. We will expand to more languages over time.

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