Automatic Boom Height Optimization

Boom Height Control system maintains the boom at a preset height by monitoring field contours and making responsive boom adjustments. Maintaining spray nozzles at the recommended spray tip height allows chemicals to be applied using an optimum spray pattern providing even application and reducing drift.


Boom Height Control keeps the boom at a preset height, allowing chemicals to be applied in an optimum spray pattern.

Boom Height Control maximizes the effect of your input through consistent application and reduced spray drift.


The ultrasonic sensor hardware and software have been designed by NORAC specifically for height control applications. The ultrasonic signals distinguish the difference between the ground and standing crop or field residue. Boom height is controlled by choosing Soil Mode™ (senses the soil surface), Crop Mode™ (senses the top of the crop), or Hybrid Mode™ (patented technology that calculates a “virtual top of crop” for more accurate control).


Accurate Control

Most NORAC Boom Height Control systems use NORAC-supplied proportional valves to ensure that boom height corrections are smooth, even and automatic

Roll Compensation

Boom Height Control systems allow for effective boom height control without altering the boom from its original engineered design

Spray Day or Night

NORAC’s ultrasonic sensors do not need light to measure boom height, allowing you to take advantage of favorable spraying conditions by extending working hours with the ability to spray anytime.

Fast and Reliable

Using ultrasonic sensor data, Boom Height Control systems make responsive height adjustments allowing booms to automatically follow the contours of the land

Reduce Stress and Avoid Boom Damage

Boom Height Control reduces the need for the operator to move their head back and forth to monitor changes in field terrain, thereby reducing stress and fatigue. This allows the operator to focus on machine operation and safety

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