Machine Focused Telemetry Software

AgCommand® allows you to turn ag and machine data into valuable information to improve uptime and efficiency throughout your machine’s lifecycle. AgCommand® is a machine-focused telemetry tool that enables you and your dealer to coordinate, optimize, and seamlessly connect your fleet to better manage maintenance, and remotely monitor machines in the field.


AgCommand enables machine data such as location, vehicle status, hours and performance information to be collected on the machine and wirelessly transferred to a secure AgCommand server.

AgCommand increases uptime for your machines, improves cost savings, and provides decision making support that enables you to operate at a higher level of profitability.


AgCommand is available with two levels of service: you can opt for self-monitoring in Level 1 or take full advantage of your dealer’s expertise in Level 2. Data is transferred by an AgCommand hardware module utilizing an AgCommand subscription. AgCommand not only provides the value of being connected to your machine’s data, but it also provides the intelligence and functionality to deliver value in your machine’s performance, logistics, uptime and efficiency.



Customizable and pre-populated views of the vehicle and engine allows you to determine when machines are idle, stopped or in need of service


Automated, actionable, near real-time alerts let you identify problems so you can act quickly


Machine geofencing enhances fleet security and reduces theft

Optimal Coverage

Data is transferred via GSM, 3G and CDMA networks. In areas with poor or non-existent cellular connection, data is transmitted over the Iridium Satellite Network ensuring seamlessly data transfers

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The Fuse product range is available through the dealer networks of our core brands Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. Whenever you buy there a digital product featuring the „Fuse synchronized“ badge it  guarantees open connectivity and application within our core brands ranges as well  as with other manufacturers products.

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