About Fuse

Caring about the future of farming

Can we ensure machine uptime using preventative, data-based diagnostics? Can we save and conserve resources by reducing the use of seed, fertilizers and pesticides? Can we track the nutritional value of the soil? Can we read a crop while it‘s growing? Can we even analyze the amount of water in a cloud and determine exactly where and when it will come down? And can we then connect, collect and utilize all available data to make farming as efficient, profitable and sustainable as possible?

The question isn’t „can we?“ but simply and undeniably: „HOW can we“?

The game



Digitalization is introducing complex challenges along the entire agronomic value chain – while presenting completely new opportunities.

The access to relevant information across all levels of production allows for optimal production diversity, security, speed, reliability and efficiency.

Open platform



Fuse is the leading global open platform for digital farming products operated by AGCO Corp.

Fuse supports AGCO‘s brands and the aftermarket with a comprehensive and customizable suite of non-proprietary digital solutions, empowering farmers to make their individually best business decisions and thus maximize yields and profitability.

Synchronized application ensured

Above all, Fuse ensures that its products are not only compatible with mixed fleets but also across the entire farm operation.

We believe in this open approach as we want to enable our customers‘ future of farming with the best digital products available on the market – no matter if they are developed by Fuse, in cooperation with partners or third party offers. By this means Fuse gives farmers freedom and flexibility in their choices of machinery, farm management and agronomy software and service providers – to establish their individually perfect digital ecosystem. This is what we at Fuse call real smart farming.

Whenever you buy a digital product from our leading brands Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra or GSI featuring the „Fuse synchronized“ badge, this guarantees its open connectivity and application.

Smart farming is our commitment to treating nature in an efficient, yet sustainable way – allowing the farming industry to provide almost 8 billion people with healthy and affordable agricultural products.

In collaboration with AGCO‘s brands, our partners and dealers we are supporting the digital transformation of our end customers’ businesses to make them economically successful, competitive and ready to feed a growing world.

Standing out in the marketplace

Open Approach

Built on a growing list of developments and partnerships, Fuse allows farmers freedom and flexibility in their choices of machinery, farm management and agronomy software and service providers.

Data Privacy

Fuse is dedicated to respect your data privacy choices; you don’t have to share your farm data with Fuse to use our products or connect with your other trusted partners.

Connecting Mixed Fleets

Ensuring that equipment and resources are where they need to be, and how and when to be there, means that different pieces of equipment need to “talk” to each other, no matter their brand origin.

Data and information mobility

Fuse’s focus on mobile functionality and diagnostic services gives farmers the flexibility to manage their operations when, where and how they want.

Working with Fuse synchronized digital products

Farmer’s experiences, farmer’s choices

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Buy at our core brands dealers

The Fuse product range is available through the dealer networks of our core brands Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. Whenever you buy there a digital product featuring the „Fuse synchronized“ badge it  guarantees open connectivity and application within our core brands ranges as well  as with other manufacturers products.